Thank you for your interest in Darlington Washboards.  These musical washboards are handcrafted by Benedict Turner. Pricing is based on the design concept, materials, and labor. For example, washboards made from vintage materials have a higher cost than those made from newer materials. Likewise, washboards that require a lot of labor or a complex design are pricier than those that do not.   Note that shipping is additional.

With that in mind, the cost of a small washboard made from new materials would start around $750. This would include several musical add-ons (i.e. - service bell, handmade wood block, can) and, depending on the design concept, the musical add-ons might need to be mounted on an additional wooden surface that would have to be carved and shaped. The washboard and its musical add-ons would be treated to give them a more vintage look, stained in the color of your choice, and branded with the Darlington Washboard logo.  Each washboard also comes with a unique name, thoughtfully chosen by Valerie Turner.  Large washboards and washboards made from vintage materials have a higher starting price.

The first step in the design process is to collect some information about you - and this information influences design choices. For example: What color would you like your washboard to be? Perhaps it's your favorite color, or a mixture of colors with a wood color stain to achieve an interesting vintage feel.  What are your hobbies? Are you interested in an intricate carving?

No two Darlington Washboards are alike. These handcrafted instruments may be used musically or displayed as pieces of art.  If you would like to commission a Darlington Washboard, send your inquiry to washboards@piedmontbluz.com and we'll get started!